A violation case against media freedoms in July 2022

MFO in Yemen posted the monthly report “infographic” about the media freedom situation and what the journalists and media outlets face of abusive practices.

Last July, MFO recorded a violation case against Yemen voice radio in Sana’a. An armed group belongs to the Ministry of media of Sana’a and the Nasr Police Department sharply attacked and broke the doors of Voice of Yemen radio and looted broadcasters and other contents, which leaving the doors open, halting the broadcasting of radio whose losses over the past six months were estimated at nearly 60 million riyals.

In addition, the incursion and looting came after an urgent decision by the press court in Sana’a, and days before the attack, allowed the radio to re-broadcast and not to be subjected to it by any government entity.

The radio was raided, looted, and suspended by an armed group from the Ministry of media an

d the Al-Nasr Police Department, despite a decision by the press court in Sana’a days before the attack that allowed for re-broadcasting and non-exposure to radio by any government entity.

On January 25, Yemen Voice Radio was raided and suspended, along with five other radio stations (Grand FM Radio, FM Radio, Children’s Community Radio, Delta FM Radio, Diwan Radio).


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