psychological support :

psychological support :

The Media Freedoms Observatory provides psychological support to journalists and workers in media institutions, and psychological support includes providing psychological counseling and also providing psychological support sessions
through psychologists. Reclining section for female journalists only.

How can I be qualified to have a psychological support?

  • If you are a journalist and you suffer from psychological pressure as a result of your journalistic work .
  •  fill the following template through the link:

Is the support provided for free?

Yes, the observatory covers all costs of specialists who serve journalists, as is the case for providing psychotherapy and inpatient services.

    Who can see the data?

  • We follow a strict policy to maintain the confidentiality of data and information
  • No one can see the data except the specialist

For inquiries, please contact us either via email or the following WhatsApp number.

  • 967735084770