Marsadak condemns the seizure of the Saba Agency building in Aden

The Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen condemned the feet of armed men affiliated with the Southern Transitional Council in seizing the building of the Yemeni News Agency Saba in the city of Aden in an attempt to change its name to the Aden News Agency.

The observatory received a report from the Yemeni news agency, Saba, stating that the agency’s building was stormed and journalists were threatened if they returned to the building to practice their journalistic work.

We at the Freedoms Observatory affirm our categorical rejection of these arbitrary practices, which are a flagrant violation of freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by the constitution and international laws and charters, considering this behavior as a behavior that lacks any legal justification.

The observatory held the Southern Transitional Council fully responsible for this, calling for an end to these practices and not to involve journalists in political conflicts.

Aden, 'Adan Governorate, Yemen.