Marsadak demands the disclosure of the fate of journalist Younes

The Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen received a report from a number of colleagues of the journalist Younis Abdel Salam, who reported that he had disappeared on the 3rd of August after he left his residence at night and is in poor health.
Where the journalist Younis is in a poor health condition due to the difficult economic and psychological situation he is going through, and journalist Younis was arrested a year ago at a point in Abyan governorate of the Transitional Council while he was on his way from the city of Ma’rib to Aden. He was released after three days during which he was subjected to cruel treatment and torture. And deprivation of eating and drinking.
The observatory held the Houthi group responsible for the disappearance of journalist Younis Abdel Salam and for the harm or danger he may have suffered, and for the speedy disclosure of his fate.

Sana'a, Capital Municipality, Yemen.