Marsadak holds the security authorities in Taiz the safety for journalists

20:21 Tuesday, August 17, 2021
The Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen received a report from journalists Naif Al-Wafi and Taha Saleh, in which they reported that they were being pursued by the security authorities in Taiz governorate in illegal ways, and they are now displaced and cannot return to their homes and families for fear of arrest.

The report included that armed men on board military crews went to the home of the journalist and photographer Taha Saleh after midnight in an attempt to arrest him. At the same time, other military gunmen pursued the photojournalist, Naef Al-Wafi, who managed to escape from his house before their arrival.
These practices come against the backdrop of arbitrary practices against journalists after covering the recent events in the city of Taiz for the burning family.

We at the Freedoms Observatory affirm our categorical rejection of these arbitrary practices against journalists, which are a flagrant violation of freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by the constitution and international laws and covenants, and we consider this behavior as a behavior that lacks any legal justification. We also hold the security authorities in Taiz governorate responsible for the protection and safety of journalists and their families.

Taizz, Taizz Governorate, Yemen.