Media Freedoms Observatory demands to include the arrested journalists in the Geneva negotiating list

In A letter for the UN envoy to Yemen

Media Freedoms Observatory demands to include the arrested journalists in the Geneva negotiating list

Media Freedoms Observatory (MFO) has sent a letter to Mr. Hans Grundberg, the UN envoy to Yemen. It demands inclusion the arrested journalists in the negotiation on prisoners and abductees that hold in Geneva, Switzerland currently, which includes representatives of Yemeni government and Houthi group.

In addition; the 14 journalists are still hidden in prisons, 13 of them in Houthi prisons some over seven years ago, and one in the government’s internationally recognized prisons in Aden.

There are four of these journalists who face a death sentence imposed by the Houthi group, in connection with their journalistic work guaranteed by international laws and instruments, namely, Tawfiq Al-Mansouri, Hareth Humaid, Abdulkhaleq Amran and Akram Al-Walidi.

As well as; MFO does fear for the lives of our fellow journalists especially the Houthi group will not hesitate to carry out their executions, which is the second group to be hostile to the journalism and journalists in the world after Al-Qaida, according to international reports. Also, the letter has pointed that the four journalists will pay a price, if the international community does not pressure the Houthi group to stop abusive practices against the journalism in Yemen. Since their arrest, the four journalists have been exposed to health neglect and multiple kinds of torture, and their families face of constant health and psychological suffering.

The letter has attached with a documentary film which produced by MFO. It has aimed to convey a full picture of what journalists and their families have been experienced from their arrest until now.

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