Media Freedoms Observatory has documented 19 violations against media freedoms during the third quarter of 2022

Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen has informed that 19 violations against media freedoms in Yemen during the third quarter of 2022 has documented, such as 3 detentions, 2 arresting, 3 threats and an assault cases. Plus, prosecution of journalists over publishing cases and hacking journalist’s Facebook account.

Also, the report has been confirmed that the local media, reporters’ foreign channels and external Broadcasting offices have faced many harassments, which it has been imposed several terms that constrained the freedom and activity to practice the media career.
The Yemeni Government has topped the list of perpetrators of violations against journalists over the past three months with 15 violations out of a total recorded cases, three cases against perpetrators and one case against unknown people.


The report has pointed that the number of reducing violations in Al-Houthi area haven’t meant that the improvement of freedom journalism and expression indicators, on the other hand; the harassments have led to lack the media and journalists’ presence who hold a dissenting opinion in Al-Houthi area.

According to the report many different Yemeni areas have had violations cases against to media, which it has observed 11 violations in Aden, 4 in Taiz, 2 violations in Lahj and on violation case in Hadramawt and Ma’reb.

In addition; there are 15 journalists who still in the prisons, most of them still their more than 7 years and 13 of them in Al-Houthi prisons, another one in the Yemeni government prisons and other one in Al-Qaeda prisons since 2015 and no one know anything about him until now.

The Observatory for Media Freedoms in Yemen is a monitoring and information platform aimed to disseminate all matters relating to freedom of opinion and expression in various regions of Yemen in a professional and independent manner, including the analyzing and advocating for journalists’ issues at the local and international levels.

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