Observatory Condemns Al-Wafi Photojournalist Killing

The Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen strongly condemns the killing of the photojournalist and head of the public relations and media department at the hygiene office in the city of Taiz, Fawaz Al-Wafi, who was found killed mysteriously inside his car in the city of Taiz.
The Observatory called on the security authorities in Taiz governorate to detect killers and bring them to justice promptly.

The Observatory expressed its condemnation of the increasing cases of killing journalists and media workers in Yemen in brutal ways, as 50 media workers were killed in the past seven years.

Fawaz Al-Wafi worked as a photojournalist and covered many events in Taiz. He had been injured while performing his media job by a Houthi sniper in 2017.
He had participated in several training programs implemented by Studies & Economic Media Center.