Media Freedom Observatory has been monitoring 56 violations against media freedom during the first half of 2022

Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen announced that monitoring 56 violations against media freedoms in Yemen during the first half of 2020, ranging from killings to injuries, arrests, attacks and the targeting of media organizations, and the most notable violations were the grotesque murdering of journalists Fawaz Al-Wafi and Sabir Al-Haidari.

Also, it clarifies that there is an injury, 7 arresting, 14 attacking, 8 threats, 6 detentions, 8 Summoning and prosecuting journalists for their journalistic writings and 17 violations states against media foundations.

In addition; all the controlled parties in Yemen have practiced different kinds of violations that documented to the journalistic freedoms with restricting the freedoms of opinion and expression to varying degrees. Each party considers journalists and advocates of freedom of opinion and expression from its own perspective.

Though, during the first half of 2022, the Yemeni government has issued the list of violations against journalists in Yemen with 18 of the total cases recorded in the past six months, 17 cases of violations by the Houthi group, 4 violations against the Giants forces, 1 case of violation against West Coast forces, 11 violations by perpetrators, and 5 violations documented against unknown persons.

Plus, MARSADAK has confirmed that Houthi Group Since taking control of the capital, Sana’a and some of other governorates, they have been clamping down on all private, partisan and opposition media until their areas are completely free of single-voice media.

The Houthi group stormed and stopped 10 radio stations belonging to the governorates of Sana’a and Ibb with force of arms without legal justification, broke and looted the radio’s contents before they were stopped streaming.

As well as; It has been monitored during the report period 13 violations in Sana’a, 9 in Taiz, 9 In Ma’reb, 6 in Aden, 7 in Hadhrmout, 6 in Shabwa, 3 in Ibb, 2 in Lahj and another violation case in Alhodaida.

The Observatory for Media Freedoms in Yemen is a monitoring and information platform aimed to disseminate all matters relating to freedom of opinion and expression in various regions of Yemen in a professional and independent manner, including the analyzing and advocating for journalists’ issues at the local and international levels.

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