Violations Cases Against Media in Yemen In June 2023

The Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen released its monthly report “Infographic” on the status quo of media freedoms and the arbitrary practices against journalists and media outlets.

During June, the Liberties Observatory recorded 7 cases of violations that ranging between two cases of arrest and assault and five cases of questioning and trial of journalists, where the Marib Public Prosecutor issued  arrest warrants against five journalists and media and considered them to be Fugitive From Justice; The prosecutor accused them of defamation and insulting a public official, against the backdrop of the publication of a press report in which they accused former Attorney General Ali Aouash of corruption and of illegally employing a large number of his relatives.

Those violations were committed in Marib, 5 cases, and in Ibb and Amran governorates, one

case per each.  The report also referred to the five cases of violations committed against journalists by the Yemeni Government and its affiliates, and, two cases, by the Houthi Group.

The Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen is a monitoring and information platform aimed at

disseminating all matters relating to freedom of expression in various governorates of Yemen in a professional and independent manner, as well as analyzing and advocating for journalists’ issues at the local and international levels.