The report on media freedom violations in Yemen during the fourth quarter of 2022 reveals that there were ‎‎14 cases of violations, including the arrest and forced disappearance of journalist Abad Al-Jaradi by the ‎Houthi authorities, as well as cases of assault, interrogation, trial, threat, incitement, and prevention of ‎Almahriah TV correspondent from filming

A variety of violations against journalists and social media activists were reportedly committed in several Yemeni ‎governorates, including Hadramout, Marib, Aden, Sanaa, Socotra, Al-Mahra, Taiz, and Lahj. The ‎territories controlled by the internationally recognized government topped the list of violations perpetrated ‎against journalists and social media activists with nine out of the total recorded cases. The Houthi group ‎was responsible for most of the violations and has made its areas free of independent or opposite ‎journalism.‎

Additionally, the Houthi group continues to detain 13 journalists, four of whom have been sentenced to ‎death on charges related to publishing. The group also continues to restrict media and civil liberties. The  ‎areas under its control almost devoid of independent or opposite media outlets and voices that differ from ‎its own ideology. The group exercises strict security censorship over what is published in local and ‎social media, and coerces media outlets there to work in line with its policies and directions.‎

In territories subject to the control of the legitimate government, journalists face multiple forms of ‎harassment, including being tried in courts that are not specialized in press and publishing cases. In ‎Hadramout governorate, for example, journalists or any critic of the living and economic situation have to ‎stand trials before public funds tribunals as if it was meant to disdain a public servant. ‎

We reaffirm our unwavering commitment to defending Yemeni journalists through all possible means and venues in ‎order to preserve the constitutionally guaranteed climate of media freedom and freedom of expression. We reiterate our demand for the speedy release of detained journalists and the imperative of holding responsible parties accountable.‎

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