Report on violations of freedom of opinion and expression, second quarter of 2023

According to a report on media freedom violations in Yemen during the second quarter of 2023, there were 18 cases of violations, with the most prominent being the pursuit and summoning of a group of journalists by the judicial authorities in Marib governorate, and the issuance of repressive orders against them, considering them fugitives on the run. They are harassed because of their media activities.

Yemeni journalists face a difficult media reality, including arrests, threats, and persecution, as well as incitement campaigns against them. The latest campaign was against six journalists, who were accused of spying for foreign countries. Local media outlets affiliated with the Houthi group circulated the news, putting their lives in danger.

During the reporting period, Marib governorate had the highest percentage of violations, with 8 out of 18 violations, followed by Sana’a, Taiz, Hadramout, Aden, Amran, and Ibb, with each governorate having between one and two violations.

In Aden, the so-called National Southern Media Authority, which is affiliated with the Southern Transitional Council, controls the work of journalists and various media outlets in the city. It imposes restrictions on the work of local and foreign journalists and media institutions. The role for the Yemeni government’s Ministry of Information is totally lacking any influence or presence on the scene.

Houthi-group controlled areas also practice intimidation against journalists by summoning them for investigation from time to time by the security and intelligence apparatus. The Houthi group summons a number of journalists for investigation and prevents them from moving within their controlled areas or traveling abroad without obtaining security approval from the intelligence apparatus.

Again, it is worth noting that the data and information contained in this report do not mean that all violations have been monitored, as there are cases of violations that victims fear to report due to fears of more dangerous consequences from the perpetrators.


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