Marsadak condemns kidnapping of journalist Fahd Al-Arhabi

The Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen received a report from a number of journalists who reported that journalist Fahd Yahya Al-Arhabi was kidnapped by gunmen affiliated with the Houthi group, and he was imprisoned in the Central Security Camp in Amran, on the background of his Facebook posts, which included photos and a video of the storming of a wedding in the governorate, and the arrest of the groom and the artists performing the wedding party. And the confiscation of the musical accusations and attacks on the guests, under the pretext of songs.

The observatory condemned the kidnapping of the journalist Al-Arhabi and held the Houthi group fully responsible for the life and safety of the journalist Al-Arhabi.

The Observatory called on the Houthi group to stop these hostile practices against journalists and media workers and to quickly release Al-Arhabi and the rest of the journalists kidnapped in its prisons.

'Amran, 'Amran Governorate, Yemen.