The Media Freedoms Observatory (Marsadak) condemns attack on Yemen Today TV Channel Crew

The Media Freedoms Observatory condemned the attack on the crew of Yemen Today TV Channel in Shabwa governorate, while covering a mass event in support of the Palestinian people.

In a communiqué received by the Observatory from journalist Zabin Attiya, he reported that he and the crew of the Yemen Today TV Channel in Shabwa Governorate were attacked, threatened, one of the cameras and the Channel logo were broken. And they were subjected to profanity by military personnel led by the Commander of Joint Operations in Ataq, Ali Mujawar.

For its part, the Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen condemned the arbitrary practices of journalists in Yemen, the latest of which was the attack on the crew of the Yemen Today Channel in Shabwa governorate.

The Observatory also held the security authorities, in the governorate, responsible for the attack on the Channel crew, while demanding that those who committed the attack be quickly arrested, referred for investigation and held accountable.

This is not the first time that journalist Attiya has been subjected to such arbitrary practices. In March 2021, journalist Attiya was threatened and his phone, car and camera were confiscated. And also his 13-year-old son was arrested against the backdrop of Attiya’s field working and interviewing in the Wadi Ataq area.