Violations Cases Against Media in Yemen In Oct 2021

MFO in Yemen posted the monthly report “infographic” about the media freedom situation and what the journalists and media outlets face of abusive practices.

Last October, MFO recorded 5 violation cases ranging from one case of arrest to 3 cases of murder and the journalist Walid Hisham summoned by the Prosecutor’s Office of East Ibb Primary Govern. The violations committed in Aden of 4 cases and one case in Ibb.

Also, the report pointed at the parties who committed the violations against journalists in Yemen, which anonymous in a number 3 cases, one case against Houthi group and other case by Southern Transitional Council.

The Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen is a monitoring and information platform aimed to disseminate all matters relating to freedom of opinion and expression in various regions of Yemen in a professional and independent manner, including the analyzing and advocating for journalists’ issues at the local and international levels.