Violations Cases Against Media in Yemen In July 2023

One case of violation against media freedoms during July 2023
The Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen released its monthly report “Infographic” on the status of media freedoms and the arbitrary practices against journalists and media outlets.
During July, the Observatory recorded one case of violation, committed by the Houthi group, against a journalist in Sana ‘a governorate.
This violation is a continuation of the Houthi group’s restrictions on journalists in its held – areas.
One journalist who “on condition of anonymity” was forcibly taken from a street in Sana ‘a by armed men in civilian uniform, to the Security and Intelligence Service under the control of the Houthi group.
The in question journalist was investigated for more than eight hours, in a small room, so that his name was not registered in an official statement, one of the most questioned about his relationship with a number of journalists, accused of contacting with hostile foreign States, prevented from communicating with his family, and said “we have all the information about you up to the name of your wife and children” according to the journalist’s statement. He was also asked to act on their behalf and to reveal information on a number of journalists and was given a list of journalist’s names. He was released after signing a commitment not to talk about his detention and what had been investigated.
The journalist felt the need to move to areas outside the control of the Houthi group to save his life, which was already done. He took his family and moved to one of his villages in Taiz City, then entering the city, with the aim of avoiding frisking by the Houthi security check-points against people coming from Sana’ a to the city of Taiz directly.
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